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Real Italian restaurant in Warsaw.

The perfect place for business meetings and corporate events

Restauracja na wyjście firmowe warszawa. Piękne wnętrze, lodówka z winami, kieliszki na stole i kolorowe krzesła.

Discover a space for business at da Luciano Restaurant

Space for over 90 people – perfect for large business events

Da Luciano Restaurant is not just for lovers of unique Italian flavours. We also offer a space that can accommodate over 90 people, making it an ideal place for business meetings, conferences, or corporate events.

Restaurant Hall – Comfortable Receptions for Your Company

Our da Luciano restaurant, with its flexible layout, allows for a dedicated special section, creating an atmosphere perfect for intimate corporate receptions. Such a space ensures discretion and comfort, which are crucial during business meetings. We are a place where elegance meets functionality, and Italian cuisine adds a unique character to every event. Great location, professional service, and a menu full of Italian specialties make every business meeting at da Luciano a unique experience.

VIP Room – intimacy and a unique atmosphere

Our VIP Room is the perfect place for more exclusive business meetings. For groups of up to 15 people, we offer a private room that allows for independence and focus, away from the daily bustle of the entire restaurant, an independent part of da Luciano Restaurant, created with privacy and tranquillity in mind. It’s ideal for business talks, training, or presentations.

Da Luciano Restaurant – a place for your business

Da Luciano Restaurant offers exceptional conditions for organizing various business meetings — from team-building events, through professional training, to important business talks. Our interiors, combining elegance with functionality, are perfectly adapted to the needs of companies and enterprises. We provide personalized room setups to tailor the space to the nature and size of the event. Invite your business partners and colleagues to a friendly, relaxing atmosphere, where each meeting is provided with exquisite Italian cuisine. Our menu features a wide selection of dishes prepared by experienced chefs who create culinary masterpieces. Additionally, our carefully selected wine list perfectly complements each meal, offering a wealth of flavours and aromas from the best Italian vineyards. Da Luciano Restaurant is a place where business meets pleasure, and every corporate meeting turns into an unforgettable experience.

Book today – your business deserves the best place

Reserve space at da Luciano Restaurant and make your business meetings as special as our dishes. We provide professional service, comfort, and a unique atmosphere for your company!